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By focusing on the implementation gap -- where good policy and intent breaks down -- we help educators take practices to scale through effective implementation.

We help educators get results!

Our Approach

Our approach is based on practices and research about what gets results for ambitious reforms. We leverage the work of Michael Fullan, Michael Barber (Delivery), the Carnegie Foundation (Implementation Science) and many others.


Strategic Planning

Conduct a review of your capacity to deliver on organization goals, including assessing opportunities for the use of evidence-based practices.

Develop a short, focused strategic plan with  prioritized strategies  align systems of support, and resources.


Performance Management

Establish performance management routines to drive implementation and continuous improvement.

Achieve a shared understanding of implementation progress informed by data and action steps, celebrate what's working, and problem solve areas that are off track.


Capacity Building

Build capacity through workshops and trainings.

Provide executive coaching and feedback.

Leverage technology  for planning and performance management to drive continuous improvement, develop internal accountability, and support sustainability.


Strategic Advising

General implementation and operations support.

Advising on effective scaling up and sustainability approaches.

Selecting evidence-based practices to fit specific needs.

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What Our Partners are Saying

We partner with schools, districts, states, and education organizations -- primarily in the Maryland, Delaware, and DC area -- to get better results.

About EdScale

EdScale helps educators get better results through a relentless focus on effective implementation. We partner with schools, districts, states, and education organizations to provide support in strategic planning, performance management, capacity building, and strategic advising. 

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