Partner ABI Schools Highlighted by ANet

EdScale worked with Afya Baltimore, Inc (ABI) from January 2017 until September 2019 to focus and align systems for effective implementation and learning. ABI subsequently asked EdScale lead Tom DeWire to join the board, which he enthusiastically accepted.

Specifically, EdScale supported ABI schools to:
• Develop, facilitate, and lead twice a year retreats to reflect on progress and plan
• Establish school plans with shared goals and strategies, school-specific goals and strategies, student-focused progress metrics, and clear milestones for implementation
• Facilitate regular progress monitoring meetings at each school
• Provide advice and feedback to ABI and school leadership teams
• Support development of the ABI Commitments around academic, physical and social-emotional health

Afya Baltimore, Inc. (ABI) is responsible for operating two schools in Baltimore City across three campuses at Tunbridge PCS and The Belair-Edison School (formerly Afya PCS and Brehms Lane PCS). The word Afya is Swahili for health, and health is at the heart of what we do at ABI and in
our schools. We focus on the health of our students in the following three categories across all of our schools: intellectual health, social/emotional health, and physical health. We believe that students need regular opportunities to think critically, be physically active, and interact
constructively with peers to create and learn habits of mind and body that lead to their living healthy, balanced lives. Learn more at

The Powerful Effects of System-Level Learning Walks

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