Where is your room to improve?

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

– Oscar De La Hoya

Whether you are new in your role or an expert, there is always room to improve. The question is “where should we invest time and resources to get the best improvement and results for our students?” The answer to this question begins with understanding the current state of implementation.

To get a solid understanding, consider conducting a quick self-assessment or more intensive review of your current capacity to deliver on your goals. Start by identifying a rubric or core values that guide your work. Use these, ideally with key questions and anchor descriptors for weak and strong for each, to identify the top two strengths and top opportunities for improvement.

Here are two examples of how to conduct a review:

  1. Conduct a quick self-assessment. Get your leadership or larger team together. Have them individually reflect on areas of strength and opportunity using the rubric. Then capture ratings on flip charts (using dots), identify trends, and discuss and capture rationale for their ratings. Push to reach consensus.
  2. Conduct a capacity review. While more involved, a capacity review provides more evidence of implementation. Building on the self-assessment, conduct walkthroughs, surveys and/or focus groups to better understand the strengths and opportunities. In just a day or two, you can have a superb and shared understanding of where to focus for next year.