Allison Bradford

Education Analyst at EdScale LLC

Allison's passion for education began while she was pursuing a B.S. in Physics from the University of Maryland where she stumbled upon UMD's physics education research group - a community dedicated to understanding how to help students learn physics. Inspired by their work, she began her career in education as a high school math and science teacher at a school for students with a wide variety of academic, social, and behavioral needs. She was drawn to the classroom by a desire to share her love of science and to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in ways that value their curiosity, perspectives, and experiences.

Motivated to impact students beyond her own classroom, Allison pursued a PhD in the Learning Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley. At Berkeley, Allison taught courses for preservice teachers and conducted research on how to support science teachers to be more responsive to their students by leveraging technology and integrating social justice into their curriculum. Some of her proudest moments in her career have been in coaching student teachers and seeing them develop the capacity to implement strategies that support their students' learning. Through her teaching and research, Allison has developed the perspectives that relationships foster learning and that showing up consistently is essential for effecting change at any level of the education system.

Allison brings these perspectives, her classroom experience, and research skills to EdScale where she works with the principal consultant to support clients in strategic planning, progress monitoring, and leveraging data to drive implementation. She is thrilled to collaborate with the EdScale team and their clients to bring about results for educators and students.

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