Elijah Mercer

Education Analyst at EdScale LLC

Elijah Mercer's journey into the realm of education, data-driven empowerment and social justice began after he received his B.A. in Criminology from American University in 2012. Thereafter, he joined Teach for America in Baltimore City, where he taught middle and high school English. As he learned to use data to track student outcomes and progress, he became fascinated with its power to drive results for marginalized communities.

Elijah then embarked on a 10 year journey using data to do just that! He served as a crime analyst with the New York Police Department and San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. He even spent some time working in tech at Meta to help protect user data. His fervent commitment to fostering equitable outcomes led him to found his own consulting business Data for JustUS, where he uses research, data and communications to empower marginalized communities.

To further improve his technical data skill set, Elijah will receive an M.S. in Information & Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Returning to higher education also reignited Elijah’s passion for teaching as he also serves as a Graduate Student Instructor for undergraduate students. His pedagogical approach fosters critical thinking, technical proficiency & helps prepare for real-world challenges and life.
Elijah hopes to combine his multifaceted technical skill set proficiency, adept communication style, and strategic acumen to help EdScale’s team and their clients to improve educator and student outcomes even more!

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