Megan Dell

Chief of Staff at EdScale LLC

Megan’s background is heavy in administrative support with over 15 years as a paralegal in medical malpractice and personal injury, before pivoting into the education field. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science - Public Law and a minor in History from the University of California – San Diego. 

Through the eyes of EdScale, her passion for helping effect change within schools and leaders has grown exponentially. Her knack for organization and can-do realism brings light to the team at EdScale to support the founder and analysts that provide the best experience to the clients. As the self-proclaimed “Chaos Coordinator” she is the behinds the scenes orchestrator keeping schedules, coaching, marketing, business development, finances, and so much more moving forward under the direction of EdScale’s Founder. Megan’s greatest career accomplishments have been centered in the law field with trial team wins advocating for doctor’s rights. She now brings her administrative and critical thinking skills to champion wins for students.

About EdScale

EdScale helps educators get better results through a relentless focus on effective implementation. We partner with schools, districts, states, and education-focused organizations to support strategy, implementation, capacity building, and operations. 

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