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"How to Implement (just about) Anything" shares four lessons for implementation, drawing on 25 years of experience applying research and best practice to complex reforms in U.S. public education.

A must-read for any educator or education leader, Tom shares lessons and tools to implement and scale anything to get better results for all students.

Lesson 1: Beware of Fat Plans

Focus on 3-7 priorities and ground them in reality

Lesson 2: Build a Guiding Coalition and an Exceptional Team

To get to scale, it takes a village

Lesson 3: Don't Wait!

Start routines early and integrate capacity building

Lesson 4: Be Consistent

Small and consistent victories compound over time

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The Workbook

Apply the four lessons in the book to your organization, team, or project.

Lesson 1 Tool Highlight: Plan on a Page.

The ultimate slim plan  spend time with your leadership team building out a plan on a page before diving into the details of how to get it done.

Lesson 2 Tool Highlight: Organizational Leadership.

Get clear on answers to the core questions of organizational leadership (vision, mission, values, differentiators, priorities) working with your guiding coalition and implementation team establishing how you will operate.

Lesson 3 Tool Highlight: Strategy Profile.

Build a profile for each strategy. Identify key stakeholders, objectives, stories, and your engagement approach.

Lesson 4 Tool Highlight: Routines. 

Define your personal and organization routines to build capacity and drive implementation.


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At EdScale, we partner with organizations to build their capacity to implement and continuously improve. We would be honored to partner with organizations in various ways to get better results for all students. 

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Course Offerings

Pick a course or courses to speed up your learning and application through curated resources and exercises aligned with the four lessons in the book and the exercises in the workbook. Each course consists of distilled content to learn, try, and apply in your current organization, team, or projects. Extension resources to go deeper are suggested as well. See the objectives of each course listed below.


Strategic Planning

  • What makes for a strong strategic plan
  • Designing an effective planning process


Project Management

  • Core steps and tools for leading and managing projects


Leading Organizations and Teams

  • A leader must meet the core needs of employees, and provide clarity (four dimensions of organizational health)
  • Core questions to answer for/with your team and aligned routines


Implementation Routines

  • Leveraging aligned routines to drive implementation
  • Effective progress routines and tools to support strategy implementation


Time Blocking and Big Rocks

  • How your calendar is your priorities
  • Focusing on the most important things first

Implementation Cohort

Join a six-month cohort with peers from around the country.

  • Build your organization's or team's strategic plan.
  • Complete a series of five courses and apply these practices to your work (strategic planning,
    leading organizations and teams, project management, implementation routines, and
    time blocking and big rocks.
  • Includes five group coaching and feedback sessions with the author.

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EdScale helps educators get better results through a relentless focus on effective implementation. We partner with schools, districts, states, and education-focused organizations to support strategy, implementation, capacity building, and operations. 

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